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Featuring Hyper-Targeted, Programmatic Advertising, Email Marketing, Mobile Advertising and Business to Business Advertising. Reach your LGBTQ+ target audience!

Market Specializations

A more detailed look at what we can do for specific industries and regions, including Sports, Tourism, LGBTQ+ Seniors and more.

Our Advertising & Marketing Services

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Mobile Advertising

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Working with some of the various ad exchanges available to us online, we're able to place targeted banner ads on both mobile-optimized LGBTQ+ web pages and LGBTQ+ mobile apps, including Grindr, Scruff, Hornet and more.
In addition, we can target your LGBTQ+ demographic using Hyper Local mobile advertising, drilling down to states, provinces, cities and even specific neighborhoods where your target market may be.


Hyper-Targeted Email Marketing

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We've had a resurgence in highly successful e-mail campaigns here at Pink Media this year... with an LGBTQ+ consumer list now up to 95,000 names and growing, we're able to target your audience based on REGION, as well as CATEGORIES such as Travel, Sports Lovers, Foodies, Theatre-lovers and more.


Business to Business Advertising

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Pink Media has one of the few, true LGBTQ+ business-to-business set of opportunities on the marketplace today


Market Reports & Specializations

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The following offers a more detailed understanding of some of the various LGBTQ+ market specializations we have fine-tuned over the years here at Pink Media

In addition, we have a variety of LGBTQ+ Marketing Reports that take a more detailed look at the businesses and other key organizations that help bring an LGBTQ+ community together. By focusing on those organizations are excelling, either through company policies, or their LGBTQ+ marketing outreach, these reports allow us to shine a light on those businesses and organizations that are key to partnering with in order to also make your business a success. That's the business we're in here at Pink Media!


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