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Featuring #ILoveGay, A Social-First LGBTQ+ Media Company; Hyper-targeted social media advertising, Content marketing, including programmatic native advertising, Social Media PR & Social Media monitoring and analytics

LGBTQ+ Influencers

We have put together a number of online advertising campaigns that have included LGBTQ+ Influencers and Bloggers as part of our social media outreach. We have currently teamed up with the following LGBTQ+ Influencer Networks, as well as key LGBTQ+ influencers, to help businesses such as yours include these cutting-edge LGBTQ+ New Media in your current online marketing strategy.

#ILoveGay - A Social-First LGBTQ+ Media Company

Learn More We don't ask your customers to come to us... we take your message TO YOUR CUSTOMER, interacting with them where they engage most, on Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and more.
Interactive, Conversational Storytelling in 280 characters or less...
the "short form" done right leads to "long form" follow through!


LGBTQ+ Content Marketing

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Our content marketing workflow, starting with content in the form of photos, videos and articles, and how that content is distributed online, including with social media, while being monitored & measured for success.
All designed to put YOU and YOUR ORGANIZATION at the center of these LGBTQ+ Conversations online!


Hyper-targeted Social Media Advertising

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Offering highly targeted advertising to reach your company's LGBTQ+ demographic. In the example shown on our pricing page, this targeting selects individuals living in the New York City area, 18-65+, who have shown an interest in Barcelona, Madrid, Ibiza or just Spain in general, AND show an interest in LGBTQ+ travel. Layering these interest data sets together allows us to target gays men and/or lesbian women who would like to travel to Spain. This type of targeting allows us to focus on your key demographic like never before.
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#ILoveGay Social Media Amplify Packages

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Our offer is simple. We work with you to get your story developed and then distributed via a bit of PR and a heavy dose of targeted social media.
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Monitor & Amplify

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Content Monitoring & Acquisition Strategy: we will be setting up content monitoring of keyword terms specific to your organization, monitoring articles, blogs, videos and social media posts.

Content Distribution Strategy: we will engage with the content outlined above and ensure your organization is a part of these online conversations, in the form of likes, shares, comments and posted content

Content Advertising Strategy: we will be dedicating a portion of this budget towards targeted, paid promotions of the content highlighted above


Entry Level Package

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Be a part of the LGBTQ+ conversation! Is your LGBTQ+ Marketing putting YOU and YOUR ORGANIZATION at the CENTER of LGBTQ+ Conversations online? Let us help AMPLIFY your message to a BROADER LGBTQ+ online audience, keeping your PRIDE message alive 24/7, 365 days per year!


Social Media PR Services

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Let us help ensure your company's communications and press releases receive a far wider audience, while targeting more specifically the LGBTQ+ audience you're trying to reach.
Our offer is simple. We work with you to get your story developed and then distributed via a bit of PR and a heavy dose of targeted social media.


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